27 July 2015

AW15 PREVIEW - paperchase : owl crowd

Each day this week I will be revealing a sneak preview of a forthcoming Paperchase Autumn Winter 2015 collection. I was lucky enough to attend their press show a couple of weeks ago and the first range that leapt out at me was 'Owl Crowd'. It is a beautifully detailed range with strong graphic shapes making up the colourful owls. A complimentary print picks up on the motifs used for the owls feathers and makes a striking stripe print that is used on bags, envelopes and files. Owl Crowd will be in Paperchase stores this Autumn and don't forget to look in tomorrow to see another advance sneak peak.

24 July 2015

DESIGNER - chrissy gaskell

Chrissy Gaskell has just completed module 3 of Rachael Taylors 'A business in Surface Patten Design' and sent me some of her recent designs. Chrissy is from Leicestershire in the UK and has worked in Screen printing and Graphic Design for fashion since graduating from DeMontfort University. Now creating her own portfolio Chrissy's work is a nice mixture of patterns, typography, character design and illustrations. She welcomes any commissions and freelance projects and you can find her website online here.

LATEST DESIGNS - the dan 300 group

It has been a while since I looked it to see what is happening at the Dan300 Group and I thought it would be fun to take a look for our Friday eye candy feature. This is just something I often do at the end of the week that brightens up your day with patterns to admire. The Dan300 Group was founded by Daniella Rosen in Sydney, Australia, and Dani named the company after her personalised number plate. She created her first textile collection in 2012 and now has a wide range of cushions, bags, notebooks, and wrapping paper.