07 December 2016

CHRISTMAS 2016 - sainsbury's

I am looking at Christmas designs this week and I really liked these four contemporary designs spotted in Sainsbury's supermarket. They have bright colours and a bold painterly style that made them stand out against Sainsbury's more traditional designs. Also snapped below are some fun children's designs featuring Santa's elves that has been used on gift wrap, bags, and crackers.

CHRISTMAS 2016 - whistlefish

Our next range of lovely Christmas cards come from Whistlefish, an art company based in Cornwall which creates greeting cards, gift wrap, stationery and gifts. Whistlefish have a wide selection of designs from modern to traditional priced at just £1.00 plus you can shop online in the UK and internationally. Here are some of my favourites from their Christmas 2016 collection...

And of course Whistlefish do a nice line in birthday and occasion cards also....

06 December 2016

CHRISTMAS 2016 - john lewis

John Lewis have created an Alpine collection for their Christmas ranges in 2016. The theme for the range is 'Chamonix - inspired by The Alps' and features on food gift packaging, decorations, cushions, tablecloths, cards, wrap, and more. The motifs are folk inspired but very contemporary in style. A modern red, white and blue theme is used throughout the whole collection to create a coherent story. Scroll down for a selection of alpine designs which can also be seen in stores now and online here at John Lewis.